Vultfoil Summer Women Leopard Print Streetwear Loose Sets Round Neck Short Sleeve Top & Wide Leg Pants Suits Causal Elegant Office Sets

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Color:  F-Light Blue
Size:  S
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 Waist : Low Waist
Pant Style : Cargo Pants
Material Composition : Natural Fiber
Release Date : Winter
Front Style : Pleated
Fit Type : SKINNY
Fabric content : 31% (inclusive) - 50% (inclusive)
Fabric Type : Broadcloth
Clothing Patterns : SLIM
Season : Summer
Place Of Origin : ITALY
Pant Length(cm) : full length
Pattern Type : Solid
Clothing Length : short
Pant Closure Type : button fly
Sleeve Style : Flare Sleeve
Collar : stand collar
Decoration : Appliques
Closure Type : zipper
Model Number : 1
Style : Indie Folk
Sleeve Length(cm) : Full
Material : Polyester
Gender : WOMEN

Brand Name : JAYCOSIN
Elasticity : High Strecth

Suit For Women Fashion Crewneck Short Sleeve Floral Print T Shirt Top Shirt With Pocket Pants Casual 2 Piece Set


  • Material: Crafted from a premium blend of cotton, this T-shirt has a soft and comfortable feel, and is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

  • Design: Featuring an Oriental style with an innovative design, this T-shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The classic design is elevated with a unique and eye-catching pattern that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Features: This T-shirt is non-shrinking, non-fading, and perspiration-absorbing, ensuring that it will maintain its quality even after multiple washes. The loose fit provides maximum comfort and flexibility, making it ideal for any leisure activity.

  • Occasion: Whether you're heading to a casual get-together with friends or a formal wedding, this T-shirt is versatile enough to be worn in any setting. Pair it with a white jacket and casual shoes for a chic and effortless look.

  • Style: This T-shirt is perfect for those who are tired of wearing long-sleeved shirts and want to inject a hint of sophistication into their wardrobe. The Oriental style combined with modern design features make this T-shirt a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual with a soft and comfortable texture.

Product Description:

Hand-wash and Machine washable, Dry Clean.


Style: Fashion,Casual


Package include:1PC Tops + 1PC pants

Size Bust Shoulder Sleeve Top Length Waist Pants Length
S 104cm/40.94'' 58cm/22.83'' 19cm/7.48'' 70cm/27.56'' 70cm/27.56'' 101cm/39.76''
M 110cm/43.31'' 60cm/23.62'' 20cm/7.87'' 72cm/28.35'' 76cm/29.92'' 103cm/40.55''
L 116cm/45.67'' 62cm/24.41'' 21cm/8.27'' 74cm/29.13'' 82cm/32.28'' 105cm/41.34''
XL 122cm/48.03'' 64cm/25.20'' 22cm/8.66'' 76cm/29.92'' 88cm/34.65'' 107cm/42.13''
XXL 128cm/50.39'' 66cm/25.98'' 23cm/9.06'' 78cm/30.71'' 92cm/36.22'' 109cm/42.91''

Size:S Bust:104cm/40.94'' Shoulder:58cm/22.83'' Sleeve:19cm/7.48'' Top Length:70cm/27.56'' Waist:70cm/27.56'' Pants Length:101cm/39.76''
Size:M Bust:110cm/43.31'' Shoulder:60cm/23.62'' Sleeve:20cm/7.87'' Top Length:72cm/28.35'' Waist:76cm/29.92'' Pants Length:103cm/40.55''
Size:L Bust:116cm/45.67'' Shoulder:62cm/24.41'' Sleeve:21cm/8.27'' Top Length:74cm/29.13'' Waist:82cm/32.28'' Pants Length:105cm/41.34''
Size:XL Bust:122cm/48.03'' Shoulder:64cm/25.20'' Sleeve:22cm/8.66'' Top Length:76cm/29.92'' Waist:88cm/34.65'' Pants Length:107cm/42.13''
Size:XXL Bust:128cm/50.39'' Shoulder:66cm/25.98'' Sleeve:23cm/9.06'' Top Length:78cm/30.71'' Waist:92cm/36.22'' Pants Length:109cm/42.91''



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